As District 7 Council Person, I will:

  • BE ACCOUNTABLE AND RESPONSIVE to residents of District 7 by voting in our best interest, always!
  • MAKE YOU MY 1st PRIORITY  by creating a Community Advisory Board comprised of leaders from every precinct and neighborhood in District 7, so that I am always informed of what your needs are.
  • PRESERVE OUR COMMUNITIES by implementing Homestead Preservation Districts to prevent resident displacement as development and growth moves south and east of Downtown and White Rock Lake.
  • BE ACCESSIBLE to residents, by maintaining an open door policy. I promise to work with District 7 residents, not ignore them.
  • INCLUDE RESIDENTS in community revitalization efforts by utilizing city funds for homeowner improvements and tax reduction programs for senior homeowners.
  • STAND UP against crime, by coordinating with local law enforcement, city agencies, residents and business owners to make our neighborhoods cleaner and safer.
  • PUT COMMUNITY FIRST by closely monitoring new development activity in District 7 and require community input in the planning phases.

District 7 continues to be ignored by the City of Dallas – Our district is huge and the needs from neighborhood to neighborhood vary greatly, but we all have common desires for our community-at-large, as well as our direct neighborhoods.


As the City of Dallas grows and development moves south and east of Downtown and White Rock Lake, I understand the importance of preserving the history and culture of every neighborhood within District 7. Only the residents of District 7 know what is best for their communities, which is why there is a need for a community advisory board. The responsibility of a City Councilperson is to vote in the best interest of their constituents, which is only possible if they are accessible and have a pulse on what each area’s specific needs regarding housing and development are. If elected, I promise to include the residents of District 7 in every decision and vote I make.


There is a need for access to quality food in every neighborhood within District 7. Some areas are food deserts in need of grocery stores, others have been overrun by giant corporately owned fast food restaurants, and some don’t have a single food oriented business in their neighborhood. The district as a whole is desperate for support in opening small, locally owned businesses that address our needs for quality food. If elected, I promise to hold the City of Dallas accountable for these disparities and bring incentive programs into the district that will address our food needs. I will bring quality supermarkets into District 7 and I will support small businesses that are looking to provide quality dining experiences to the residents of District 7.


Homelessness is an issue that is plaguing our city at an alarming rate. I am fed up with the City of Dallas spending taxpayer dollars on “studies” that have led to zero action. District 7 has felt the burden of homelessness more than any other district and I am ready to take action. I support a citizen led task force to address and execute an action plan, it is the responsibility of the City of Dallas to support us in this effort. If elected, I will fight for the ‘City of Dallas Citizens Homeless Commission’ to become a reality and receive the support it desperately needs from other city council members and City of Dallas agencies.


All of District 7 has suffered from under-addressed crime in our neighborhoods. Some areas suffer from blatant and unsightly criminal activity, others suffer from petty crimes, and most are the victims of illegal trash dumping, all of which affect our quality of life. There is a simple and concise way to address crime in District 7. Neighborhood policing, neighborhood crime watch organizations, more and better street lighting, city managed security cameras, holding land owners accountable for unattended properties and support for businesses that are constantly overrun by loiterers, will mitigate crime quickly and effectively. If elected, I promise to be the bridge between City of Dallas agencies and the community to address crime immediately.


Lastly, without addressing the rampant problem of feral animals within District 7 our quality of life cannot improve. Stray and rabid cats and dogs, as well as vermin caused by illegal trash dumping are an undue burden in our communities. If elected, I will work tirelessly to eliminate the root cause of these issues.

Economic Development is inevitable in District 7, the question is whether it will be community led development or if our neighborhoods will be overtaken by international corporations.


As Dallas grows, so does the need for mixed income housing, retail shops, grocery stores and dining establishments. South and East Dallas are primed to be the next areas developed, so it is imperative that we stand up and demand that any new housing or businesses that come into the district are in the best interest of residents. As the council person for District 7 I will fight tirelessly to ensure that no resident or small business owner is displaced, and that any new developments that come into our neighborhoods will benefit the communities they are meant to serve. I will also work with residents and the City of Dallas to incentivize housing developments and new businesses that meet the needs of existing residents.


Fair Park should be District 7’s greatest asset, instead it has been are greatest burden. For far too long the leadership of District 7 has allowed the City of Dallas to get away with spending District 7’s allocated monies on Fair Park instead of the neighborhoods within the district, we must put an end to that. I am a proponent of making Fair Park a community park that becomes a year round destination for residents of District 7, the greater North Texas community as well as visitors to Dallas, this will increase tax revenue for District 7 as well as spur economic growth and development to the surrounding neighborhoods. I will also ensure that the City of Dallas separates funding for Fair Park from funding for District 7, so that every neighborhood within the district has their needs met.