TOGETHER, We Can Ensure Our Neighborhoods are Kept Intact As the District Grows


✓ Utilizing programs like Homestead Preservation Districts to PROTECT D7 residents and neighborhoods at risk of being displaced by rising property taxes

✓ I will fight to include residents in community revitalization efforts by utilizing city funds for homeowner improvements and senior/fixed income tax programs...


As your Councilperson

✓ I will fight for quality food establishments throughout the entire district, including affordable grocery stores and small business owned restaurants

✓ I will fight to gain resources and support from the City of Dallas and other district council people for a citizen led task force to address homelessness...


As your Councilperson

✓ I will fight for equitable allocation of city resources to help spur creation of community-based businesses

✓ I will fight for the responsible revitalization of Fair Park that includes community input and insures a year round park that will become a destination for District 7 residents, all Dallasites and visitors to North Texas...

Tammy Johnston

A sales and marketing executive with Sprint Nextel, Tammy is also the Chief Executive Officer and founder of the Great Communities of Fair Park, Inc. as well as the current Chairperson of the South Boulevard Park Row Neighborhood Association. With over 20 years of business experience and community activism, Tammy is focused on bringing effective community based leadership to District 7:

Accessible: Open door policy that invites input and guidance from District 7 residents.
Transparent: Daily updates on council briefings, decisions and upcoming votes.
Accountable: Bi-weekly community updates for ongoing projects and initiatives.
Consensus Builder: Spent the last 20 years bringing teams together to achieve stated goals.
Community First: Will ensure that District 7 residents are included in any city plans for development and stand up against any projects that threaten to displace residents or businesses in East or South Dallas.
Honesty & Integrity: Strong ethical standards that keeps community first in all decisions.
Smart Growth for District 7: Advocate for the responsible revitalization of the district that includes community led economic development.

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